Our team

Lars Akkermans

Lars Akkermans holds a master’s degree in Psychology. He has worked over the course of 20 years in numerous road safety projects for leading institutions, academia and stakeholders. Lars has specialized in analysing and changing human behaviour in order to minimize the risk and severity of road crashes. As a result of avid participation in European, national and regional projects, Lars has collected a wide knowledge basis in relation to awareness raising and behavioural change. Relevant domains such as road safety campaigns, law enforcement, vehicle safety technology and safe road infrastructure are very well known to him.

Lars has worked for different companies and research institutes, such as TNO (the Netherlands), the Belgian Road Safety Institute (now called the VIAS Institute) and the Faculty of Cognitive Psychology at the Free University Brussels. Starting in 2009, Lars worked at an independent research company, Transport & Mobility Leuven, as a senior researcher in the domains of mobility and road safety.

With F2S2, Lars focuses on the practical implementation of proven safety enhancing methods with established track record. In particular, Lars puts his priorities in enhancing safety through data analysis, focused campaign work and expert stakeholder consultancy and training. Latest research on mobility and aging society allowed development of innovative tool supporting elderly drivers.

Barbara Krol

Barbara Krol holds BA in Journalism and Political Science, MA in Political Science and International relations, post gradual degrees in PR and Business Communications, and NGOs Management. She has over 20 years of professional experience in the field of research & development, capacity building, public relations and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), mainly in the field of mobility and road safety. Barbara has an extensive knowledge and practical basis in relation to road safety, communications strategies, public awareness and behavioral change.

Barbara has worked as a consultant and trainer for different companies and organizations, such as OSCE, National Road Safety Council of Poland, Road and Bridge Research Institute, Egis International, Transport & Logistics Poland, ECORYS, the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) and UNICEF HQ.

Barbara now focuses in particular on targeted interventions to improve child and adolescent road safety and healthy mobility. She provides hands-on stakeholder training and consultancy services, which aim to improve the knowledge base at a local, regional and national level.