About F2S2

F2S2 is proud to present one of the premiere safety companies focusing on child and family safety. F2S2 is the brainchild of two road safety experts: Barbara Krol and Lars Akkermans.

Road safety has been, and will remain, a major attention point for communities who experience increasing mobility. This is especially the case for children, both young and old. Worldwide, 500 children are killed on a daily basis in road crashes. Road crashes even become the number one killer for young grown-ups, age 15 to 29.

With F2S2, Barbara and Lars take the initiative to improve road safety for children and adults alike.

F2S2 provides professional services to all stakeholder groups, professional and non-professional alike. We focus on providing our clients with the latest know-how in relation to child and family safety. Our expertise ranges from road safety campaigns to road-side infrastructure and urban planning, from vehicle safety technology to education and enforcement.