Cut-through driving: individual choices causing societal problems

In light of the future local elections, local media have started reporting on different societal problems. Road safety is one of them. With increasing traffic, an increasing number of people are rat running.

Rat running, or cut-through driving, is when people start making use of unintended shortcuts to gain a (usually) very small advantage. Although the individual gain is clear (time), societal costs can also easily be identified: unsafety, increasing local mobility problems, local emissions and road rage.

A local newspaper (GVA) interviewed F2S2 founder, Lars Akkermans, to gain an objective understanding of the problem.

You can find the full article here (pdf, Dutch).

F2S2 and SD-Insights to improve Flemish road safety!

Guido Sluijsmans, CEO SD-Insights, and Lars Akkermans, founder of F2S2 signed a mutual agreement for cooperation. The cooperation between these promising companies focuses on improving road safety in Flanders through the application of smart driver support systems and the use of detailed real-life data.

The Flemish region already provides strong support to the implementation of driver support systems for the professional market. Both companies plan to play a strong role in this market. Guido on this opportunity: “For SD-Insights, this is an excellent opportunity to scale up faster and to a wider market. Our service already has a proven track record, as several customers have found that their fleet becomes safer and is used in a more sustainable way. By cooperating with F2S2, we can keep our focus on our services and provide a bigger impact.”

For F2S2, the cooperation with SD-Insight is an important step in the development of this new company. Lars has this to say about the cooperation: “The main focus for F2S2 is to work with companies and provide them a strong basis to improve their safety record, both within the company as well as the society they are part of. In the past, I’ve seen plenty of road safety measures and technologies, but SD-Insights has found an excellent combination of technology and behavioral support which works”.

The agreement between F2S2 and SD-Insights works for both companies. F2S2 is responsible for the contacting logistics companies and the different relevant administrations within Flanders. Sd-Insights provides their current Safety as a Service to these logistics companies. In addition, Lars will provide organisations with a wider take on (road) safety.

F2S2 & SDi to improve road safety!

Local communities play an important role in road safety

Local communities have an important role to play in road safety, but that requires taking a more active approach on collecting data and finding solutions!

In light of the future local elections, local media have started reporting on different societal problems. Road safety is one of them. A local newspaper (GVA) interviewed F2S2 founder, Lars Akkermans, to gain an objective understanding of the problem.

You can find the article here (clicking on this link will bring you to the newspaper site).

Lars Akkermans

Lars Akkermans holds a master degree in Psychology. He has worked over the course of 15 years in numerous road safety projects. Lars has specialized in analyzing and changing human behavior in order to improve road safety. As a result of avid participation in European, national and regional projects, Lars has collected a wide knowledge basis in relation to behavioral change. Relevant domains such as road safety campaigns, law enforcement, vehicle safety technology and safe road infrastructure are very well known to him.

Lars has worked for different companies and research institutes , such as TNO (the Netherlands), the Belgian Road Safety Institute (now called the VIAS Institute) and the Faculty of Cognitive Psychology at the Free University Brussels. Starting in 2009, Lars works at an independent research company, Transport & Mobility Leuven, as a senior researcher in the domains of mobility and road safety.

With F2S2, Lars focuses on the practical implementation of proven safety enhancing methods with a proven track record. In particular, Lars puts his priorities in enhancing child safety through focused campaign work and expert stakeholder consultancy and training.

Barbara Krol

Barbara Krol has graduated as Master of Arts of Political Science and International relations. She has over 12 years of professional experience in the field of public relations and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), mainly in the field of mobility and road safety. Barbara has an extensive knowledge and practical basis in relation to child road safety, communication strategies, public awareness and behavioral change.

Barbara has worked as a consultant and trainer for different companies and organizations, such as Egis International, Transport & Logistics Poland, ECORYS and the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP).

Barbara now focusses in particular on targeted road safety campaign work, for example to improve child and adolescent road safety. She provides hands-on stakeholder training and consultancy services, which aim to improve the knowledge base at a local, regional and national level.

Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns

Road safety is a shared responsibility between the end users, public administrations and companies. A growing number of companies have made road safety a high priority, both inside and outside of their working environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Campaigns offer all involved parties the opportunity to build a strong relationship, have a larger outreach and achieve bigger road safety impacts.

F2S2 offers strong and stable support throughout the development of such CSR campaigns. We bring together different parties, help identify mutual working domains, develop an engagement plan and monitor progress and impacts of CSR Campaigns.

Stakeholder campaign work

F2S2 helps organize targeted road safety campaigns to improve road safety. Together with the different campaign stakeholders, we identify the best way in which we can maximize the campaign effects.

As a result of the years of road safety expertise, F2S2 can identify target behavior and target groups, optimal communication strategies, etc. Our services build on a number of validated building stones: stakeholder commitment, scientific support and evaluation, practical understanding and building sound communication.

F2S2 reaches out and offers practical handholds to improve safety for local, regional, national and international initiatives. F2S2 works hand in hand with all stakeholders and helps provide a safer future.

Specialist training

F2S2 provides training and schooling to professionals whose work involves mobility, or has a direct impact on road safety.

F2S2 uses different tools to support professionals, depending on the need and requirements of the client. For example, F2S2 …

  • … organizes workshops which focus on the principles of child behavior, user-centered safety design and/or campaign work
  • … analyzes problematic driver behavior and introduces mitigating strategies
  • … works on projects to implement a safety culture suitable for all ages in organizations, cities, etc.

Our clients include city administrations, urban planners and road designers, safety officers, etc. We work with both private and public entities, small and large.

About F2S2

F2S2 is proud to present one of the premiere safety companies focusing on child and family safety. F2S2 is the brainchild of two road safety experts: Barbara Krol and Lars Akkermans.

Road safety has been, and will remain, a major attention point for communities who experience increasing mobility. This is especially the case for children, both young and old. Worldwide, 500 children are killed on a daily basis in road crashes. Road crashes even become the number one killer for young grown-ups, age 15 to 29.

With F2S2, Barbara and Lars take the initiative to improve road safety for children and adults alike.

F2S2 provides professional services to all stakeholder groups, professional and non-professional alike. We focus on providing our clients with the latest know-how in relation to child and family safety. Our expertise ranges from road safety campaigns to road-side infrastructure and urban planning, from vehicle safety technology to education and enforcement.