F2S2 and SD-Insights to improve Flemish road safety!

Guido Sluijsmans, CEO SD-Insights, and Lars Akkermans, founder of F2S2 signed a mutual agreement for cooperation. The cooperation between these promising companies focuses on improving road safety in Flanders through the application of smart driver support systems and the use of detailed real-life data.

The Flemish region already provides strong support to the implementation of driver support systems for the professional market. Both companies plan to play a strong role in this market. Guido on this opportunity: “For SD-Insights, this is an excellent opportunity to scale up faster and to a wider market. Our service already has a proven track record, as several customers have found that their fleet becomes safer and is used in a more sustainable way. By cooperating with F2S2, we can keep our focus on our services and provide a bigger impact.”

For F2S2, the cooperation with SD-Insight is an important step in the development of this new company. Lars has this to say about the cooperation: “The main focus for F2S2 is to work with companies and provide them a strong basis to improve their safety record, both within the company as well as the society they are part of. In the past, I’ve seen plenty of road safety measures and technologies, but SD-Insights has found an excellent combination of technology and behavioral support which works”.

The agreement between F2S2 and SD-Insights works for both companies. F2S2 is responsible for the contacting logistics companies and the different relevant administrations within Flanders. Sd-Insights provides their current Safety as a Service to these logistics companies. In addition, Lars will provide organisations with a wider take on (road) safety.

F2S2 & SDi to improve road safety!